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Jello Biafra allegedly refuses Dead Kennedys reunion

Riot Fest has been known to bring some epic reunions to the stage, including last year when the original Mistfits lineup performed. Unfortunately, for those hoping to see Dead Kennedys together again on stage, you’ll have to keep waiting. Read more : Watch Misfits reunite for first time in over 30 years at Riot Fest Founding member East Bay Ray revealed on Facebook that he was looking to get the band back together to perform at Riot Fest, but Jello Biafra turned down the offer. In the (...)

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No Holiday in Chicago : Dead Kennedys say Jello Biafra turned down Riot Fest reunion gig

This year could use many things on its way to overall improvement. A full-on Dead Kennedys reunion with frontman Jello Biafra, which we heard rumors about a few weeks ago, was near the top of the list. But apparently that reunion is not in the cards. The Dead Kennedys’ Facebook page revealed Thursday that Biafra turned down a chance to reunite the Bay Area punk legends for Riot Fest. Last year, Riot Fest was successful in bringing together the original Misfits, including frontman Glenn (...)

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Jello Biafra won’t give up !

Dans l’histoire du mouvement punk, Jello Biafra figure parmi les rebelles. A plus de 50 ans, le fondateur du label californien Alternative Tentacles sillonne toujours la planète pour partager ses idées dans la rage et l’énergie. Au sein de sa (...)

Disaster Strikes : “In the Age of Corporate Personhood (feat Jello Biafra)” (Punknews Exclusive)

Today, Punknews is just tickled pink to debut the new video by Disaster Strikes ! AND, it includes a guest spot from the High-Minister-of-Mischief himself, Jello Biafra ! Whoa ! If you don’t know Disaster Strikes by now, you should. The band has (...)

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Ce site a pour ambition d’apporter à la communauté des personnes suivant et appréciant le parcours de Jello Biafra, des informations sur ce qui se passe autour de lui. Dates, revue de presse, sortie d’albums, vidéos seront diffusés. Jello Biafra est un chanteur, activiste, musicien, icone du (...)
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