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Jello Biafra running for Mayor in 1979

In the autumn of 1979, Biafra ran for mayor of San Francisco, using the Jell-O ad campaign catchphrase, "There’s always room for Jello", as his campaign slogan. As he campaigned, Biafra wore campaign T-shirts from his opponent Quentin Kopp’s previous campaign and at one point vacuumed leaves off the front lawn of another opponent, current U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, to mock her publicity stunt of sweeping streets in downtown San Francisco for a few hours. He also made a whistlestop campaign tour along the BART line. Supporters committed equally odd actions ; two well known signs held by supporters said "If he doesn’t win I’ll kill myself" and "What if he does win ?"
He finished fourth out of a field of ten.

Tapeheads is a 1988 comedy film directed by Bill Fishman. The film stars John Cusack and Tim Robbins. This scene was an irony on real life as Jello plays an FBI agent arresting John Cusack and Tim Robbins saying "Remember what we did to Jello Biafra". This is in reference to the 1987 Obscenity trail over Frankenchrist, Dead Kennedys album.

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