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Le classique "Nazi Punks Fuck Off !" réédité avec un bonus !

JPEG - 37.3 ko

Own a little piece of history... The last remaining single from these punk rock juggernauts. A classic by any standard. Lyrics are screened on the bag itself, and the armband reads (unsurprisingly) : "Nazi Punks Fuck Off !"

"I love it. "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" sounds just like how I feel about all the hypocrites in the scene. Jello’s roaring voice and the fast guitar makes them pass as a thrash band. It’s about time someone in the scene made a statement about the assholes who are trying to ruin it. "Moral Majority" starts out slow with Jello’s voice acting like a preacher. He sounds like Oral Roberts on TV with the Mickey Mouse anthem in the background. (Long live Cubby !) Then the thrash sound catches you by surprise. Jello makes a strong statement about the threat the Moral Majority poses by pushing repressive legislation. We feel that the DKs are finally starting to get out good material. This single is going to be a classic."
- Ripper #6, December 1981

A commander sur le store d’Alternatives Tentacles...

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