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PREMIERE : Teenage Time Killers Enlist Jello Biafra for This Biting Thrash "Ode to Sean Hannity"

If you’re going to do something, do the shit out of it. Do it up big, and loud, and do it in as much of a ridiculously over-the-top way as you can, because we all die someday and you want to make sure you leave a huge fucking cigarette burn in the fabric of society before the Reaper calls your name. You want to start a band ? Start that fucking band, and turn it into a supergroup. Call up Dave Grohl, Nick Oliveri, Mike IX Williams, Randy Blythe, Nirvana’s old live guitar player, and the guy from Slipknot. Get some Goatsnake in there. Call it Teenage Time Killers, because that’s an excellent fucking name for a band made up of dudes who came of age in the 80s.

Got your supergroup together ? Good, now add more guest appearances from every notable musician under the fucking sun, because you can, and because you should. You want to get Matt Skiba to whoa-oh over a grimy punk number ? Better yet, you want to have the guy from Dead Kennedys wobble out the words to a John Cleese poem over a skittering crossover thrash beat ? Make sure that shit slides in under the two-minute mark. It does ? Good, now get Vice’s music channel to premiere it.

Now crack open a brew and call it a day, because you fucking earned it.

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